3RD MARCH 2018 10-30.


The meeting commenced at 10-30hrs with 80 members present

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed a true record

Proposed C Paterson Seconded D Smith

There were no matters raised from these minutes.

1 The Chairman explained that we had been given a donation of £5000 from Dave Boden, he was asked to explain the donation he told members that he had been part of an organisation that was no longer in operation and this was his part of the fund, he said that it could be used for members who are down on their luck.

This was very much appreciated by the members.



The Chairman informed members that there had been a problem with the clothing accounts, and asked the secretary to explain further, he said that this matter should have been raised last year however we had General Lorimer in attendance and we don’t wash our dirty linen in public, The problem was that it had proven impossible to get any bank account details or credit card information from our previous QM what we had was difficult to decipher, what we got was about £3000 of stock which was nearly all sold, he went onto say that the matter was now closed and we should move on.

The secretary went through the accounts pointing out various donations we had made including the cost of gifts for members and there wives at last years reunion, there was also a significant donation to the fund for making a statue of Josh Leakey VC, of £2000 he then went onto explain that 1 Para RSM D Starkie had requested a donation if possible from the club to do some preparatory work at Battalion HQ whilst they would be organising some fundraising for a much larger statue.

After discussion it was Proposed F Walker Seconded J Pinkerton

That we donate £5000 to this fund this was agreed.


The Chairman explained that our sites were doing very well and more members were using it he reminded members that if you want to join the web site then you had to register because even though you had been a member of the old site you couldn’t get on without registering the secretary said if anyone had problems registering then come and see himself or the Chairman for advice.


The Chairman asked Dave Boden to explain to the members what he would like to happen, Dave said that Tonys family were in financial difficulty and would the members help towards the cost of the headstone This was agreed.

Meeting Closed at 11-45



AGM 4th MARCH 2017
Imperial Hotel Blackpool 10-00am
Chairman B Hickie, Secretary A Mullender Commitee Member D Shirt.
In Attendance General Lorimer KCB,DSO, MBE Colonel Commandant The Parachute Regiment, Captain D Wood ADC to the General.

There were 90 Members present at the start of the meeting.

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed a true record Proposed J Newman Seconded G Brown.
there were no matters arising from these minutes.

The Chairman explained that we were now linked with the Airborne Network which is operated by Brigadier Hamish Mcgregor for Officers of the Parachute Regiment, Brigadier Ian Mcleod had been instrumental in liasing between both associations and he would become our official Liason Officer, this was agreed.

The Secreatary explained that we were in a healthy position having started this year with over £17000 in our bank account, there were no questions asked the accounts were agreed

The Secretary explained that after the resignation of D. Walker from this position F Walker had agreed to take on this role however owing to illness he was unable to take on this role. the bank account for this was now closed. The Secretary explained that he had been approached by one of our members Clive Butland to provide members with clothing on behalf of the club members would need to contact him to purchase said items he would also be bringing clothing to our next reunion, there will be a contribution made to the club at the end of the year into our funds details will be posted on how to contact him.

The Secretary explained that although he had raised this matter at previous meetings regarding bookings for the Hotel and general correspondence you should use his e mail address arthur1para@outlook.com and no other but members were still using Facebook and other medias to send messages the outcome of which he sometimes misses messages thereby causing upset when he didnt receive requests. PLEASE USE THE ABOVE E MAIL ADDRESS 


1parareunion-club website Is the official website of this club and you have to be a member to to access it.
The Chairman explained that a lot of hard work had gone into getting this up and running despite some obstacles being put in our way, it is kept upto date and is a lot clearer than the previous site.
Dave Sharkey explained that he was working with the committee to make it even better for live streaming and photographs members wish to put on the website.THIS WILL BE UP AND RUNNING OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS MEMBERS WILL BE INFORMED. If you wish to join the club please contact either the Chairman or Secretary.

The Secretary explained that he and the Chairman had had a meeting with the Hilton Hotel Manager who had offered a similar deal to what we have got with the Imperial Hotel however they do not have any single rooms available and access was not as good as what we have at the moment after negotiations with both Hotels it was decided that we would continue with the Imperial Hotel for this year.

The Chairman explained that there was to be an event held in Aldershot in October this year this was organised by Brigadier Hamish Mcgregor along with three Regional Secretaries of the PRA, one of whom spoke to the members explaining what had been organised and the reasons for using Aldershot as a venue, at no time were the committee of this club invited to be involved and were unaware of these meetings taking place until it was posted on Facebook. The Secretary said that he had objected to the organisers using Aldershot as he didnt think that members who live hundreds of miles away incurring excessive costs for travelling / accommodation, he also said that he had been in contact with General Giles Hill who had told him that there maybe an event held on the original date of the withdrawal 29th November 1967 which maybe organised on a more national basis we await news.

The Chairman Informed members that Bert would be doing a tandem jump with the Red Devils in France this year, and we would be asking for donations for charity at our dinner on Saturday evening he asked members to give generously, Bert has been a member of our club since its inception he is 96 years old and a inspiration to us all. 

The Chairman introduced him explaining that he would be giving a talk to the members of the club and would take questions later.
General Lorimer outlined his career from starting out as an officer and his first Battalion was 1 Para. He explained that the Parachute Regiment was the only Regiment that was recruiting to full strength he went on to tell the members what was happening within the Regiment which was very informative, questions were asked by members which he answered.
HIs talk went down very well and was appreciated by all.
He then presented the Chairman and Secretary with a memento coin in recognition of the work put in to the reunion club and explained that he had only presented nine before to other recipients who deserved recognition, both Chairman and Secretary thanked the General for his generosity.


Annual General Meeting 5/3/2016, 10-45am 

Chairman B Hickie, Secretary/Treasurer A Mullender, QM D Walker QMs Assist D Shirt. 

There were 84 members present at start of meeting. 

The Secretary opened the meeting explaining that a chairman would need to be elected owing to the previous chairman resigning he called for nominations. 

Proposed by R Riddick seconded by F Walker that W Hickie be elected Chairman there being no further nominations it was passed unanimously that Bill Hickie take the Chair. 

The newly elected Chairman went on to describe how he thought the club would progress in that he would be working very closely with the secretary and committee to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. 

Minutes of the previous minutes were circulated and agreed a true record. 

At this stage Dave Walker (QM) announced his retirement from the post of (QM) due to medical reasons he could not carry out his duties.

Fred Walker our previous (QM) was asked to take over this position  to which he agreed. 

The secretary reported that over the course of the year he had been in negotiations with the Imperial Hotel and the Hilton Hotel he found that the deal offered by the Imperial was a better deal than offered by the Hilton Hotel, and the Imperial had looked after us very well last year. 

He also reported that he had met Maj Gen G Hill GOC Northern Command at a passing out parade at Catterick last year and he had accepted an invitation to attend our Dinner. 
He then went on to speak about the problem of members booking a double room for themselves which caused a problem with the hotel he urged members to share rooms as much as possible. 

where possible members would be seated together when it was requested, this required members to notify the secretary of such a request in writing. 
A discussion took place regarding donations to charities he explained that he had contact with Capt Steve Childs and Major Sheppard about a fund for SFSG he had been told that it would be used for 1 Para only, however Colin Smith said that this would not happen as it would be used for all people in SFSG who were not 1 Para it was agreed that the secretary would contact the CO 1Para to look at different options. It was further agreed that the committee would be allowed to make a donation and report back to the next meeting. Proposed R Riddick, Seconded C. Meek. 

The Chairman explained that our present website required updating as it was seen as outdated in content as there were too many different options we needed a crisper clearer site, it also had to be under control of the commitee as it is funded by the members. Proposed D Sharkey Seconded B Mack. 

10th ANNIVERSARY 2017 
A discussion took place regarding the anniversary as to what should be organised for this event it was Proposed D Smith Seconded M Homer that the commmittee take responsibility for making decisions for this event. 

A discussion took place regarding the provision of either one it was agreed that the committee would look at designing and purchasing one we would have the help of Joe Greig who has been instrumental in getting help for the design. Proposed B Bennett Seconded J Greig. 

The Secretary said that a vote of thanks ought to be given to DAVE as a founding member of the Reunion Club, he had single handedly organised the Reunion for 3 years and the clothing sales which is no mean feat he had expanded the range of clothing not only for our members but to other Para Regiment organisationstherefore making more cash for our club, he is a man of great integrity and loyalty and a good friend he will still be attending future reunions we look forward ro seeing him again. The members endorsed these feelings. 

Committe Elections 

The Chairman said that the present committee members were willing to carry on their positions there no further nominations. 

Meeting closed 11.45

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