March 10, 2022
1 Year and 8 days left
until our reunion.


Hi all Further details re our good friend Mick Bostock's funeral.
It will take place at 12:00hrs on Tues 9th February 2021 at
Macclesfield Crematorium. SK10 3BU
It is hoped the there will be support from the
nearest PRA Branch's.
In any case we must adhere to the current lockdown
rules Rest In Peace Mick
Happy New Year
Hi All.
I hope you are all well and doing your best in these trying times. I’m sure you will be keeping up the best traditions of the Airborne Family and staying safe.
As stated previously we have continued to monitor the situation and Kev has returned from his winter holiday and is back in Blackpool. As anticipated, the hotel remains in Tier 3, now Tier 4 and closed. Contact with the Hotel Booking Dept. is not easy.
We have spoken between us and because of developments, and the likelihood of the restrictions being lifted are not really feasible, it is felt that it is unlikely in the wake of the new strains that it is to be reduced any time soon.
There is the good news that there is a new Oxford vaccine is now approved, but that will take time to get out to those on the front line and the high risk category’s to be inoculated with it first, not least our front line troops called in ion the last week to help out in Kent and the wider areas to assist. God Bless Them All.
As much as we would like the Reunion event to take place in March 2021, we do not feel that any big event are likely to be permitted within the next 3 or 4 months and we cannot take the risk of calling us in to the Reunion and to the risks involved. It has therefore been agreed by the committee that the Reunion 2021 will now be cancelled and we will look forward to the next event taking place in 2022.
The club had already paid the initial £500 booking deposit and it was agreed that we can use that for the deposit in 2022. To those of you who have already sent a deposit to Kev for the 2021 bookings, as agreed we will refund those deposits. I would ask that you give him until after the New Year celebrations for people to get back to work etc. before asking Kev for refunds. Send an email with bank details so that he can check and make the relevant refund.
In any case we wish you all a Happy New Year, Blwydden Newydd Dda, bliadhna mhath ùr, in the finest traditions of our Regiments and Airborne Spirit, of Utrinque Paratus and Ad Onum Omnes.
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How 1 Para Reunion Club Was Formed

Arthur Mullender, Dave Walker (stumpy), Fred Walker and Joe Wattam were driving back from Pompey Paras  discussing a way to get a Reunion Club started, they met again at Eden Camp's Northern A/B Forces day .They were just passing time drinking and using Para Language ? when Arthur mentioned talking to Bill Bell (ex 1 Para RSM)  in Arnhem a few years earlier about a Reunion Club, so the brains started to tick over and put wheels in motion. After a while thing's started to fall into place ,ie:- who will run this and who will run that. After all the brain work putting thing's right ,they rang around to get fixed up with a Hotel but ended up booking two Hotels near the Pleasure arcades, so guess what, they done it, and 112 Para's hit Blackpool. The first Reunion was 2007 in Blackpool, where ? because the amount of drink that was consumed dulled their memories .
Thats their story. ???


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